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The charlton impact



For every race a winner is awarded, for every aspiration a goal is set, every action had a favoured expected reaction, each question had its range of answers among which one was most correct and each thing in life had structure, rules and expectations. That is something I figured out a tad too late. I used to think life was as dynamic as language, if I could introduce a few words then it would stick, but life has proved to be more like math than anything else, always the same question, formulas provided from the days of old and always the same answer; how you got to the answer was your task and many erred along the way, some found their way back, some stopped doing the sum and checked if they were right thus far, some succumbed to careless mistakes but others whizzed by the thing! 

I looked into his observant eyes, staring right ahead because he could sense me there though he could not see me. He had been my answer and to me he seemed more correct than anything I had ever done or imagined as wide-eyed and clueless as he was! Just laying there and knowing in his little way of knowing that I was here looking at him in my pensive silence, like he could hear the thoughts that ran through my mind and wanted nothing to do with their distraction. He couldnt have looked any more perfect than if he had flown away from heaven at this very instant with clouds around him and trumpets being blared by seraphim; if the sky had parted and a voice had declared this is my son of whom I am well pleased I wouldnt be surprised if he had wings on his back because in more ways than explicable he was my Jesus. My own personal Jesus who came from the beyond to save this sinner. He couldve been anyones in the world, but he chose me more than I chose him; and I had a lot of choosing to do in my past. But here he was; mine as much as I was his, he was the very essence of me, the purity and perfection of me. If I were to die by some wicked fate, with a smile on my face for having met him, the very light of me would explode into a dazzling person, my imperfections shattered and chipped away; and I would look just like him.

I smile at him, touching his cheek tenderly just to be sure he is here as much as I am and this is no dream. I had never felt this way about anyone before and I wanted to be sure this wasnt but a beautiful dream I would wake from sorrowful and wounded, longing for him like I had a gaping hole in my body that everyone could see through. He leans his head into my palm gently then shuts his eyes as if to savour the feel of it. I smile some more; Leigh Ryo McClure. My angel, my heaven, my answer, my life. To think that he was just but a step towards the right answer in the sum of my life was absurd considering how much I had been through just to have him here now.  The sum of my life seemed complete with his arrival and it had been quite the taxing equation if ever there had been any for me.  And now that I look back at it, it must have started twelve years ago, back at the prestigious university of DroughFox when I was but a naughty twenty four year old chap seated in the cafeteria with my chums Koen, Leigh, Hilliard and Emery. Im not sure if it started much further back, but if any day is seared into my memory as the origins of him, it had to be that one.

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